Waterfall City Athletics club (WCAC) was founded in 2018. The club is based in the Waterfall City, Midrand - An integrated city where people can live, work and play. We currently have 60 members to date.

The main objectives of the club are:

• To promote a healthy lifestyle, which is inline with overall concept behind Waterfall City (A City where people can live, work and play)
• To provide access to state of the art facilities within the Waterfall City e.g. Waterfall Park for track and time trials
• To provide organised access to athletics, inclusive of registration and participation
• Coaching and mentoring through access to our reputable coaching team
• Development of up and coming athletes through development programmes for aspiring athletes
• Promote comradery amongst a community of athletes
• To provide a recreational and social networking platform

Our Value Propositions

• Water City Athletics Club (WCAC) will promote healthy lifestyle living in the Waterfall City estates by providing organised access to the athletics club to all the residents of Waterfall and surroundings.


•WCAC plans to host events in particular running events within the Waterfall City area. Such events will help drive excitement around brand Waterfall and all its associated brands.

• We will also collaborate with other running clubs close to the Waterfall City area, e.g. Midrand Striders, by sponsoring water points during their races. This will further give positive exposure to brand Waterfall and its associated brands.

• This exposure will also help promote the club to potential members.


• Our members participate in most races in the country and in some of the international races. These races include Comrades Marathon, Two Oceans Marathon, Soweto Marathon, Mandela Marathon and Cape Town Marathon. Therefore the exposure that some of our elite runners get will bring exposure to the Waterfall brand and its associated brands.

• Coupled with this exposure in big races both locally and internationally, is an opportunity for the Attacq to participate in WCAC Social Responsibility initiatives where disadvantaged athletes most of whom are elite runners can be assisted when competing in big races.


• The WCAC will promote a positive spirit amongst the residents of Waterfall City by encouraging friendship amongst members and other athletes.


• The club is managed by suitably qualified professionals. This is what differentiates WCAC from other athletics clubs. This ensures that the club is managed responsibly, including keeping an updated record of the books of accounts and procuring that the books of account are reviewed annually in accordance with accepted accounting practice.


Our latest events and accomplishments!

Club Achievements

The team has participated in some big races with some team members running their Personal Best times. These races include:

• Deloitte Marathon in Pretoria.
• PWC Cosmos 3 in 1 in Secunda.
• Old Mutual On Die Dam Ultra Marathon in Hartbeespoort.
•Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town.

The team will be flying the club colours at the 2018 Comrades Marathon with around 15 members participating in the race this year.

WCAC Management Comittee

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