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Gender Based Violence (GBV) is violence directed against a person because of their gender or violence that affects persons of a particular gender disproportionately.

GBV may include among others Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Stalking, Rape, Physical and Emotional Abuse and LGBTQ violence.

GBV infringes on the core values of integrity, human dignity, privacy, equity and mutual respect and is a form of unfair discrimination.

WCAC is committed to providing, embedding, promoting and maintaining an equitable and non-threatening environment where all members and any participants in the Club’s physical and virtual meetings, training and/or events feel free from sexual harassment, unfair discrimination, Gender Based Violence, intimidation and or any form of prejudice.

The Club recognizes and respects the rights conferred to all citizens by the Constitution of South Africa and other relevant legislations internationally.

GBV constitutes serious misconduct, which may result in disciplinary action of the alleged perpetrator.

WCAC adopts a zero tolerance to GBV and commits itself to handling all reported complaints of Gender Based Violence seriously, expeditiously, confidentially and sensitively.


  • To provide clear principles, processes and procedures for handling allegations of all forms of sexual harassment and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) reported against any member of the Waterfall City Athletics Club (WCAC) and any other athlete at any of the clubs physical or virtual events, meetings, gatherings and social media platforms.
  • To build, maintain and embed an environment and culture that promotes equality and respect in WCAC.
  • To contribute towards elimination of all forms of Sexual Harassment and Gender Based Violence in the country.


  1. Educate members of WCAC about the various forms in which sexual harassment and GBV manifests itself and how to respond when faced by such a situation;
  2. Create WCAC environment and culture that is built amongst others on the principles of equity and respect of all within the Club and thereby embedding the Waterfall Spirit;
  • Promote a culture of open and frank discussions on sexual harassment and Gender Based Violence issues;
  • Promote the values of mutual respect, mutual trust, honesty, and freedom with responsibility in the Club
  1. Create awareness and sensitivity within the WCAC to the issues of sexual harassment and GBV as well as sending a clear message to all on the Club’s position on such issues;
  2. Provide appropriate procedures for facilitating resolution of any allegations dealing with the problems of sexual harassment and Gender Based Violence in the Club;
  3. Ensure disciplined behaviour and conduct among all members aligned to the Club’s Constitution and Code of Conduct.


  1. The policy applies to all WCAC members and athletes at the athletic meetings organized by the Club
  2. While WCAC cannot institute disciplinary action against non-members for allegations of sexual harassment and GBV that happened during or at the Club’s athletic meetings, the Club may inter alia over and above assisting the victim to open a criminal case against the alleged perpetrator, also report him / her to the CGA and/ or ASA for appropriate action.

We’ve also introduced a GBV themed run every Tuesday were the men are asked to run with at least one woman to ensure women’s safety on the road.

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